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Industry solutions because every business is different

Your solution or any standard solution? This is not a serious question for us: your solution, of course! Because at crecise we’re convinced that every company, every business, and every industry has its own specific challenges. That requires individual solutions. On the basis of the Creatio platform for business process management and CRM, we have worked with Creatio to configure solutions for the following industries:

Neo-banks, MiFID II, tokenization: these are not the only challenges in the area of financial services. Anyone who wants to survive in the highly competitive markets for financial services needs an edge. Companies create this by using the Creatio low-code platform for banks and financial institutions to accelerate their business processes and optimize the customer journey. Specifically, you can:

  • Use Creatio to automate omnichannel marketing campaigns
  • Manage the entire customer journey digitally
  • Digitalize front and back office processes
  • Segment and analyze their target group for 360° perspectives
  • Optimize retail and corporate banking with lead and opportunity management
  • Raise customer service in the CCC to the highest level

In short, we help you get a clear picture of your customers with deep insights into their needs. Improve your interaction with customers along the entire customer journey and maximize the efficiency of your marketing and sales with advanced analytics tools.

Service providers depend on efficient operational processes because their clients expect customer-oriented business processes. Only those who set them up perfectly and automate them can provide these services cost-efficiently. With Creatio, companies can stay one step ahead of the competition: the platform consolidates data and thus optimizes sales management. You can also use the platform to manage personnel resources and their use by the customer. Specifically, you can:

  • Use Creatio’s project management tools to complete orders on time and on budget
  • Plan personnel and personnel deployment for complete customer satisfaction
  • Easily maintain a central database for a 360° customer perspectives
  • Increase sales with Creatio tools for marketing and sales
  • Document customer care communication and service processes
  • Analyze customers and identify new potential

In short, you can inspire customers with perfect project management. Improve your interaction with customers along the entire customer journey and reduce administrative work with comprehensive business procss automation.

“Wow, how great is that!” That’s how customers should react to what you offer. Offer a great customer experience and reinvent retail together with us. Creatio offers retailers comprehensive CRM functions such as customer loyalty programs. Use the tools for marketing campaigns and build long-term customer relationships. With Creatio you always have a uniform overview of customer data and the customer journey across all channels. Specifically, you can:

  • Use Creatio for marketing automation to analyze customer interests and buying behavior
  • Track websites, social media activities, reactions to email campaigns, online and retail purchases for further analysis
  • Segment customers for a tailor-made approach
  • Implement loyalty programs and increase customer value
  • Increase the level of service and score with intelligent automation tools

In short, inspire customers with a relevant, personalized range of products and services. Manage the entire customer journey and convince with unbeatable customer service at a low cost to you based on business process automation.

Design the best personalized campaigns? Sure, because with Creatio you improve the interaction between the media, information consumers, and advertisers. Process-driven CRM streamlines customer relationships and increases customer interaction. With Creatio’s comprehensive CRM solution for advertising and media agencies, you can win new customers, increase cross-sales, and manage projects within the specified target framework. Specifically, you can:

  • Use Creatio for database segmentation to address every customer and account personally
  • Integrate email marketing tools to send email triggers to the right customer segment automatically at the right time
  • Automate routine tasks and increase employee productivity
  • Exploit 360° perspectives on customers and accounts including contact history, orders, and much more

In short, win and retain customers through convincing and engaging interaction. Control the entire sales process and keep your customers in mind through communication, service, and the best customer experience ever.

Anyone can make calls, but you only become the best telecommunications company with Creatio. At Crecise, we offer Telkos tools to retain customers and prevent churn. Use 360° perspectives on your customers to forecast and increase sales sustainably. Process automation will also improve productivity at the same time. Creatio’s CRM and BPM offer telecommunications companies the unique opportunity to integrate different technologies and fragmented systems into a coherent solution for personalized customer experiences. Specifically, you can:

  • Use Creatio for sales and order management to accelerate transactions and order processes
  • Increase income from infrastructure, services, and apps with sophisticated network profitability management
  • Analyze your subscribers to gain cross-selling and upselling potential
  • Use AI to identify people who are giving notice at an early stage and take countermeasures
  • Automate marketing to generate demand and retain customers
  • Offer personal support across channels and retain customers with Creatio Service Management

In short, generate demand for your products and retain customers with marketing automation. Use the options to make business processes more efficient and increase profits through profitability management.

Digitalize manufacturing and wholesale sales across multiple sales channels? With Creatio we offer highly developed tools for direct and channel sales, e-commerce, field service, and POS. With our industry-specific complete solution, manufacturing and sales companies benefit from the automation of important business processes. Efficient sales, service, and marketing management ensure companies a good competitive position. Specifically, you can:

  • Use Creatio for sales management to create analyses and manage sales professionals
  • Automate supply chain management to increase quality at a low cost
  • Streamline compliance documentation and contract management with automated, digital document flows
  • Simplify product management with digital product catalogs
  • Increase the ROI of your marketing and sales campaigns
  • Create efficient and effective customer service

In short, you can simplify and accelerate compliance and operational processes. Digitalize product and offer management and increase the efficiency of marketing and sales with Creatio for more sales and to get ahead of your competition.

Increase efficiency and sales? Pharmaceuticals and life science companies use our vertical CRM solution to automate industry-specific business processes and significantly improve the customer experience. With the Creatio platform, sales can also be increased immediately: sales representatives receive tools for planning their activities, marketing becomes more effective, and sales go hand in hand with comprehensive analyses. Specifically, you can:

  • Use Creatio for a comprehensive CRM database to centrally store all customer interactions
  • Build close customer relationships and improve customer loyalty
  • Provide sales with an accurate picture of the most important customers
  • Make outside sales work more intelligent
  • Digitalize sales visit planning and documentation
  • Take the pressure off so that sales can focus on their goals
  • Support your sales team with information on sales plans and channels

In short, increase efficiency and sales with the Creatio CRM solution. Taking doctor and pharmacy sales to a new level. Digitalize offer and planning processes and increase the efficiency of sales with Creatio for more sales and higher customer loyalty.

Optimizing transport and supply chains and a 360° perspective for more business success? Easy with the industry solution from Creatio. This allows you to quickly organize interactions with customers and reduce manual activities for employees with customer contact. Critical business processes can be digitalized and rationalized. Transport and logistics companies benefit from transparency, flexibility, and a higher degree of customer orientation. Specifically, you can:

  • Use Creatio for efficient requirements and transport management including online vehicle tracking and route management based on the current order situation
  • Increase sales through agile sales planning and automation in the sales process from the first contact to closing the deal
  • Streamline the use of resources (time, personnel, supplies, capital)
  • Manage your customers in a CRM database and automate marketing
  • Let your customers benefit from high-end customer service

In short, optimize transport and supply chains with the Creatio CRM solution and bind customers to your company thanks to agile, customer-centered processes. Digitalize service and planning processes and increase sales success with Creatio for the best service, high customer loyalty, and more profits.

The Online Access Act (OZG), immediate processing of government measures, digital ID cards are just a few of the tasks that modern government administrations have to accomplish today. Creatio supports the public sector with a vertical CRM solution. Public institutions can use it to digitalize important business processes and improve the citizen experience, centralize data securely, and increase transparency. Specifically, you can:

  • Use Creatio for case management unlike any other with tools to manage citizen inquiries
  • Omnichannel communication across all channels
  • Project management tools for collaboration including deadline and cost management
  • Automate important business processes with Creatio BPM in order to organize administration quickly for better citizen service and within tight budgets
  • Document and knowledge management to organize the deep knowledge of the administration efficiently

In short, optimize citizen dialog and administrative organization with Creatio. Inspire citizens and administrative professionals thanks to agile processes. Digitalize service processes with Creatio for the best citizen service and efficient administration.